Easy Roller Dice Co. - A Review

I know that the Truly Random app is an amazingly powerful dice roller for Android, but sometimes you just need to feel the dice in your hands. I understand that. As nice as it is to keep the game play moving with the powerful features that Truly Random offers, there is still a certain satisfaction to closing your eyes, caressing the dice, throwing them, anticipating the all too familiar sound as they careen across the table, and praying for that save. So, when the Easy Roller Dice Co. contacted me and asked if I would review some of their products, I had no choice but to accept.

Truly Random - A Practical Example

Recently I was watching an episode of Table Top on the Geek and Sundry website. The game was “Tsuro of the Seas”. (

In this game, on each turn you have to roll 2d6 to determine if you’ve awakened the dragons. If you have, then you roll a single d6 to determine in which direction they move.

Let’s look at how we might implement this with Truly Random.


Roll 2d6. If 6, 7, or 8 are rolled, the dragons are awakened.

Truly Random Ad Supported

In this last week I've released two ad supported versions of the Truly Random app. One version using Amazon's new ad sdk will be distributed on the Amazon App Store, and the other using Google's AdMob will be distributed on Google Play.

These are fully functional and free.

The paid version of the app will receive updates much earlier than the ad supported ones and, of course, there are no ads.

I hope this will expose a whole new group of gamers to this powerful app.


Truly Random User Community

There has been some really great enthusiasm among the users of the Truly Random application. Quite frankly, I've gotten so many great suggestions, it's going to take me a while to get them implemented. This is a great problem to have.

Enigma Update and Prom Dresses

I suspect that got your attention. What does the latest update of Enigma have to do with Prom Dresses?

Sudoku 10,000 Release 2.0.0

I got my first view of Sudoku 10,000 on a Nexus One a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't pretty. The graphics did not scale properly and playing the game was quite difficult as the pop-up screen had very small buttons at the higher resolution and it was, frankly, a pain to keep tapping the cell to get it to pop up.

So a redesign was in order. While the game maintains much of its original look, it should now scale a lot better and more importantly the way you interface with it should be a lot more intuitive and easier to manage.

Number Pad

Enigma Release 1.14.0 - Save? Yes/No/Cancel

Today we are releasing a new feature in Enigma - "Save? Yes/No/Cancel".

Thanks for another great user suggestion. If you accidentally close the application, all the work on your puzzle is lost. This can be frustrating - I've done it myself (colorful language to follow).

With this new modification, using the "Back" key to exit a game that's in progress (intentionally or not) will prompt you, asking if you'd like to save the game before exiting.

You can choose:
- Yes - Save the game and quit.
- No - Don't save, just quit.

Colossal Cave Adventure Save/Resume

In response to user comments and suggestions, the save and resume features have been enhanced for Colossal Cave Adventure.

The original designers of this game weren't too keen on you being able to save/resume yourself to a better score. So this functionality was intentionally limited.

Now you can save/resume to your heart's content. Additionally, the Save/Resume commands were added to the menu for easier access.

For more details see the release notes and the Colossal Cave Adventure main page.

More Puzzles for Enigma!

There are now over 800 puzzles for Enigma now.

Grab the update and Enjoy!

Enigma Solve Cryptograms

Introducing our new Android App - Marc Gunn Celtic Music

Marc Gunn is an acoustic folk musician based in New Orleans and has been a friend of mine for years. Earlier this year, Marc asked me to put together a cell phone application for his podcast. After some discussions, we decided to make available much more information that would be of interest to his fans - and those who will soon become his fans.

The App highlights his music, blog, Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, and his Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. We have plans for some exciting new features in the future.

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