Character Group Dice Formulas

I just bought your product I am enjoying it so far. Custom dice equations are exactly what I needed.

I just want to recommend a simple tweak to allow the grouping of a set of equations by character. For example:

Character A:

1. Mace Attack
2. Mace Damage
3. Cure Light Wounds

Character B:
1. Fireball
2. Spellcraft
3. Magic Missile

I play in two different gaming groups and would love to separate out my rolls by each character. This would be a great addition in both the RPG and RPG+ sections.

RE: Character Group Dice Formulas

Hello GrahfX,

I'm not 100% sure that I understand what you are suggesting, but let me take a shot.

Depending on the complexity of each action taken by your characters, you could define an RPG+ scenario where each character was a Group and each attack/action was always rolled. Then you just use the results for the action you were actually shooting for. You can probably do a nicer job with it in the custom dice section of the app where you could more readily distinguish the actions with additional text and formatting options.

However, that may not be ideal. If your character has a lot of actions, wading through that could quickly become cumbersome.

One thing I've begun for the next release is a feature I am calling "Campaigns". Basically, you define as many campaigns as you want to represent the games you are involved with. You add all of your relevant saved dice (RPG+ or Custom Dice (maybe RPG as well)) to that "Campaign" for easy selection. There's a lot of this I don't have figured out yet, but that's the general idea.

In the mean-time, maybe the other suggestion will help you organize your characters a bit. Of course, if I've totally missed your point, then let me know and I'll try again.

This is the "Manage Expectations" disclaimer.... Don't get your hopes up too much. It will take me a while to get this working. I've got to rewrite the whole UI (something I've needed to do for a while) and then there's that pesky RL that always gets in the way.