Specific/Limited exploding dice

Hi and thanks for the cool app.
I play Rolemaster (d%) and need specific exploding dice.

Open-end high: How do I make a die that explodes on 96 to 100?
Using 1d100, rolling 96 to 100 results in another d100 roll added to the first. If you roll 96 to 100 again, roll again and add, etc. If the second (or any proceeding) roll is not 96 to 100, stop.
This can be a very good/high roll! This way a grandmother could lift a car off a baby if she rolled high enough. It's really not likely, but it's possible.

Open-end low: Now I need a negative exploding die for 01 to 05. Using d100, initially rolling 01 to 05 results in another d100 roll subtracted to the first. If the second roll is 96 to 100, roll again and keep subtracting, etc..
This is a very bad/low roll! Using open-ended low, it's possible to break your neck getting off your horse. Not likely, but it happens.

I understand exploding dice in the app. But I need a better range than just 1 and 100.
Would it be some sort of if/then statement or >, < symbols?

RE: Specific/Limited exploding dice

I've been trying to think of a way to do this within the current framework. Other than setting up a set of dice to roll and doing the math yourself, I haven't come up with anything. Of course you don't need an app for that.

This means I need to figure something else out. Basically this requires looping and while I've added some functions (min, max, floor, ceil, div) to the app, I haven't provided a looping capability - that could be dangerous.

The min and max functions might get you part of the way there, but I would have to introduce variables and an if statement at least. Both of which I would eventually like to do, but that might be a while.

Well, not the news you were hoping for, I'm sure, but I have added your suggestion to my list for updates. Thank you very much for leaving this suggestion.