Known Issues

The following are the only issues of which I am currently aware

Version 1.0

  • Save and Resume are specifically "in game" activities. This is as designed by the original author(s). Unfortunately, in our modern devices, this isn't always a good thing. As such, it is possible that while playing the game if another task interrupts the game and, while in the background, the OS decides to shut it down due to memory starvation or some other reason, you will lose any progress you've made. Further aggravating the situation is that saving a game currently costs points.

    In a future release, I hope to move the save/resume activities out of the game and make it automatic so that if you interrupt your game for any reason, it will restart where you left off - without penalty.

Edit Text Stops Showing Letters

There is an intermittent problem with the text entry box when using the soft-keyboard. After a while, the text you are typing will stop showing up in the EditText. It's still being captured, just not showing up. This appears to be an Android OS issue and I have filed a bug report on this: Issue 17508.

Once this happens, just change the orientation of the device and the EditText should start working again.

I realize this is frustrating (for me as well) but hopefully I'll find a work-around to these issues soon.

Save Game

After a lot of review, I have decided to just change the scoring for saved games such that it won't cost you anything. Given the nature of the phone, it is very hard to begin a game of this size and complete it before you are interrupted. If there are no objections, this will be made available in the next release.