Introducing our new Android App - Marc Gunn Celtic Music

Marc Gunn is an acoustic folk musician based in New Orleans and has been a friend of mine for years. Earlier this year, Marc asked me to put together a cell phone application for his podcast. After some discussions, we decided to make available much more information that would be of interest to his fans - and those who will soon become his fans.

The App highlights his music, blog, Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, and his Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. We have plans for some exciting new features in the future.

So, if you are a fan of Celtic Music or perhaps would like to explore it a little, please take a look at the app and enjoy all that Marc has to offer. The application is free to download from the Android Market.

For more information on the application, see Marc Gunn Celtic Music. For more information on Marc Gunn, see

Marc Gunn Celtic Music App for Google Android