Sudoku 10,000 Release 2.0.0

I got my first view of Sudoku 10,000 on a Nexus One a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't pretty. The graphics did not scale properly and playing the game was quite difficult as the pop-up screen had very small buttons at the higher resolution and it was, frankly, a pain to keep tapping the cell to get it to pop up.

So a redesign was in order. While the game maintains much of its original look, it should now scale a lot better and more importantly the way you interface with it should be a lot more intuitive and easier to manage.

Number Pad

The Number Pad is now available at all times and will reflect the current state of the cell, whether it has a value in it or is full of pencil notes you've made. Interact with the Number Pad directly to solve the puzzle.

Of course, my favorite way to play is still on my G1 with the slide out keyboard, but perhaps that's just me.

Although the most notable changes are in its appearance, a lot went on "under the hood". I've copied the release notes here for easier reference.

Release Notes

  • While attempting to correct a few drawing problems - especially when viewed on high resolution devices - I found it was necessary to redo the guts of the interface.
  • On some devices, the drawing could leave artifacts which were quite distracting. This has been corrected.
  • Higher resolution devices (i.e. Nexus One) were not properly scaling the game screen. More correctly, I wasn't properly scaling the screen for these devices.
  • The Cell Entry window is far too small - especially on the higher resolution devices. It has been replaced with a number pad that is always displayed. This number pad will update itself to reflect the status of the selected cells, showing the entered number or pencil marks as appropriate.
  • The screen also has directional arrows displayed at all times. This should help with navigation on those devices that might not have a d-pad or trackball available .
  • Reduced the number of redraws being performed. The application is now more responsive and should be more battery-friendly.
  • Reduced the application size from approx. 1408KB to 986KB which should help to free up some space on the phone and make downloading it a little less painful.
  • Updated the help screens to reflect the new changes and corrected a few spelling errors.
  • Added an "Email the Developer" to the help screens to make it easier to email me if you have questions or concerns.

Grab the update and enjoy!