Custom Dice Sets

Truly Random Custom Dice Sets

Main Screen

This screen is initially displayed with the first element in the selection list displayed or a message indicating that you need to add a Custom Dice Set.

Selecting Saved Items

If you have saved any Custom Dice Sets, you can choose them by tapping the drop-down list and choosing from the items in the list. Press the "Roll" button in the upper right-hand corner to roll the dice.


The results are displayed on this screen with the latest roll at the top. If you long-press on an individual result, you will have the option to copy it to the clipboard where it can be pasted anywhere to share.

Menu Items

Several features are accessible by using the menu on your device.

  • Add...
    This will allow you to create a new Custom Dice Set.
  • Update...
    Modify the currently selected Custom Dice Set.
  • Copy...
    Add a new Custom Dice Set using the currently selected one as a template.
  • Delete
    Delete the currently selected Custom Dice Set.
  • Import/Export
    The Custom Dice Sets can be imported and exported so you can share them or work on them on another platform like a PC.
    See Custom - Import/Export for more details on importing and exporting.
  • Clear Results
    If the results list gets a little long, or you are switching games, this option will allow you to clear that list.
  • Share...
    If you have an email application on your device, this will allow you to send all of your results from this page to someone. They will be copied into your email for you.
  • Help...
    This will bring up the help system.

Truly Random Custom Dice Sets
Truly Random Custom Dice Sets

Add/Update Custom Dice Set

Here you define your Custom Dice Set. The process can be a bit complicated, so we'll start with a simple example. Consider a custom set of dice you name "Dinner". You create one die where one face is an entree, another a vegetable, another a fruit, and finally a desert die. Now rolling the dinner dice set adds a little randomness and spontaneity to your nightly meal. For this exercise, we want the following for our "Dessert" die in our "Dinner" Dice Set. (A break with convention, perhaps, but I'm starting with Dessert.) Dessert

  • Cookies
  • Cake
  • More Cake

On this screen you will find the following elements:

  • Dice Set Name
    Name the Custom Dice Set.
  • Manage Variables Button
    Press this to manage Local Variables for this Custom Dice Set.
  • Add a New Die
    Press this to add a new Die.
  • List of Dice
    A list of dice that have been defined, and the faces of those dice.

To begin, we will name our Dice Set "Dinner". Then press the "Add a new Die" button on the right just below the Dice Set Name. This brings up a dialog where we can enter a name for our die. Enter "Dessert".

Manage Local Variables

First we want to setup a Local Variable that might be helpful in defining our portions. Press the Manage Variables button to add a new Local Variable. This screen presents us with a list of the variables already defined, if any. There is also a button that will allow you to create a new variable. Press this and we will define our new variable name to be Guests and we can enter a simple expression that is just the number 4, indicating that we are expecting 4 guests.

Add a New Die

Now press the "Add a new Die" button on the right just below the Dice Set Name. This brings up a dialog where we can enter a name for our die. Enter "Dessert". If you press on the Die element, it will expand and show you all the faces you've defined so far. If you select the menu icon on the Die element you will get a menu of actions that you can perform on this die.

  • Add a New Face
    Add a new Face for this Die.
  • Change this Die
    Rename the Die.
  • Delete this Die
    Delete this Die and all associated Faces.
  • Move Up/Down
    You can reorder the Die.

Truly Random Custom Dice Sets
Truly Random Custom Dice Sets

Add/Update Face

Here you define a Face for your Custom Die. You can have as many faces as you need. You have a lot of options when adding a face. You can apply formatting, apply a weight to the face, and embed expressions in the face. On this screen you will find the following elements:

  • Dice Face
    Name the Face. This will be displayed when the face is selected.
  • Preview
    This will show you a preview of what the face will look like when selected. This can be helpful when applying custom formatting.
  • Entry Aid
    The format option list is presented to facilitate the entry of the face. Select the element you'd like to insert and tap the clipboard next to it to have it inserted into the current cursor position.
  • Weight
    You can apply a weight to this face. This is discussed below.
  • Expressions List
    This is a list of the defined expressions, if any, that are applied to the face with selected.

Before we add our face, let's take a look at the elements of this screen in more detail.

Apply Custom Formatting

You can apply HTML-ish formatting options to the Face of your Custom Die. These options include

Format Option How To
Bold <b>Bold</b>
Italic <i>Italic</i>
Underline <u>Underline</u>
Big <big>Big</big>
Small <small>Small</small>
SuperScript Super<sup>Script</sup>
SubScript Sub<sub>Script</sub>
Line Break <br />

This will make your XML import files a little more complicated if you choose to use the formatting options, but they could really make your results stand out. It's important to make sure you match the beginning and ending pair of tags when specifying the format. Notice how there is a beginning and ending tag for each element (except Line Break) above. These must be specified in pairs. You can use as many as you like, but they cannot overlap one-another.

Example Result
<b>Bold</b><i>Italic</i> OK
<b>Bold <i>Bold and Italic</i></b> OK - nested
<b>Bold <i>Italic</b></i> Not OK.

The Line Break is a special case. In this case you will begin and end the tag at the same time. Now, the formatting options are not that forgiving. If you make a mistake with the tags, it will not format the die face, but rather display the text in its raw form. Of course, if you are having problems, just drop us a note and we will be happy to help.

Weights for the Die Faces

Apply a weight (1-99) on the custom faces to change the distribution. If you have a face that is supposed to appear 40% of the time, and three others that are to appear 20% of the time, you would have had to repeat the first face twice to make that distribution work. Face 1 (40%) Face 1 (40%) Face 2 (20%) Face 3 (20%) Face 4 (20%) Now you just need to set the weight of the faces such that the distribution meets your requirements. The weight of the face vs. the total weight of all the faces in the die determine the distribution. Total Weight of all faces in this die = 5 Face 1 Weight = 2 (40% = 2 out of 5) Face 2 Weight = 1 (20% = 1 out of 5) Face 3 Weight = 1 (20% = 1 out of 5) Face 4 Weight = 1 (20% = 1 out of 5) This is less prone to error and a lot easier to manage than repeating faces to simulate the statistical distribution you need.


You can embed expressions into your faces. When you do this, you need to provide a placeholder so we know where to put the results of your expressions. This placeholder is two percent signs "%%". For each expression you want to include in your face, make sure you have a matching "%%". The expressions are applied to the "%%" in the order they appear in the list.

Add our Face

Now that we know what we can do, let's add our face: "Cookies". Of course, if we say "Cookies", the next question will be "how many?" So we'll try to answer that too. Dice Face: %% Cookies Weight: 1 Expressions: Guests*2+d6 When selected, the expression will calculate 2 cookies for each guest and will randomly add between 1-6 cookies for good measure. To add the expression, we will press the "New Expression" button. This will bring up a screen where we can enter our new expression. You can have as many expressions as you need, but there must be a matching "%%" in the face name for each one. As far as managing your expressions,

  • Update Expression
    Press the little "pencil" icon on the expression you want to change.
  • Delete Expression
    Press the little "trash can" icon on the expression you want to delete.
  • Move Up/Down
    Select the menu on the expression want to move and select "Move Up" or "Move Down" from the list.

Keep adding Dice and Faces until you are done.