Enigma Release Notes

Version 3.03.00

Released: 02-Apr-2015

  • Changing the Used Letters hint so that instead of showing a pop up screen, the keyboard will show the used letters using the strike-through typeface and by changing the color to a dark gray. The keyboard will reflect this as long as the hint is turned on.
  • There is a new preference that will allow you to always show the used/unused letters. When this property is set, you will no longer be able to toggle this hint, it will be displayed automatically.
  • There is a new preference that will allow you to always show the source of the quote. When this property is set, you will no longer be able to toggle the source, it will be displayed automatically.
  • Adding a new color scheme. We had a user request for a simpler black and white scheme. Check out the new "Black and White and Read All Over" option.
  • Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 2,000! Yep, that's more than 400 new quotes.
  • Minor bug fixes and internal improvements.

Version 3.02.00

Released: 30-Aug-2014

  • When you finish a game, the action bar will offer a new button to allow you to quickly start a new one. The keyboard and hints button are hidden until you start a new game.
  • Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 1,600! Yep, that's more than 200 new quotes.
  • Minor bug fixes and internal improvements.

Version 3.01.00

Released: 17-Feb-2014

  • Adding a new Gallery Keyboard option. Now, via preferences, you can choose between a Normal Keyboard or a Gallery Keyboard. The new Gallery Keyboard works by listing the letters in a gallery display such that you fling them left or right to choose the letter you want to place. The letters are larger and easier to select. This might help when you find the Normal Keyboard too small to use.
  • Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 1400!
  • Opened up a little more space by shrinking the Action Bar a little.
  • Improved the sizing of the letters in the Normal Keyboard on a number of different devices.
  • Added a What's New page that will be displayed when a new version of the app is installed. The What's New content will also be available via the in-app help.
  • Minor bug fixes and internal improvements.

Version 3.00.00

Released: 21-Jul-2013

  • The Keyboard is dead! Long live the Keyboard! After fighting with the OS provided soft-keyboard for years where it behaves differently on different devices or Android releases or phase of the moon, I am getting rid of it and have created an in-app keyboard. There is now a keyboard icon on the new Action Bar that will let you toggle it open and closed. Let's hope that puts all the keyboard issues to rest.
  • Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 1200!
  • Added an Action Bar to collect the various buttons.
  • Moved the Menu to the Action Bar.
  • Moved the Hints choice out of the menu and onto the action bar. This will reduce the number of clicks/taps needed to get to the hints.
  • Improved the layout of the Frequently Used Letters and Unused Letters display.
  • Minor bug fixes and internal improvements.

Version 2.10.00

Released: 19-Aug-2012

  • Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 1000!
  • Made the "Show Keyboard" button move next to the "Check Answers" button when in landscape mode. This should make it easier to use on tablet devices.

Version 2.02.00

Released: 12-Nov-2011

  • Corrected an issue introduced by the Motorola Droid Bionic and Droid X2 which prevented the characters on the keyboard from being entered on the puzzle.
  • Major internal changes to allow for a better coordination and support of both the paid and trial versions of the application.

Version 2.01.01

Released: 04-Jul-2011

  • Corrected a scaling error that affected some devices. On these devices, the letters would not be a uniform size and would not be placed properly on the screen.
  • Made a minor change to help with the soft keyboard.

Version 2.01.0

Released: 03-Jul-2011

  • Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 1000!
  • If you solve the puzzle (even with hints, but not "Show Puzzle"), you will be able to email it to yourself (or anyone).
  • Added a Font Size preference so you can increase/decrease the size of the characters in a puzzle. This will be more useful on the larger format devices. You can choose between Small, Medium (default), Large, and Extra Large.
  • Corrected some display issues on large devices.
  • Corrected a weird problem where on some devices the letter portion of the code (where you put your answer) was not displaying until you entered something. Very strange behavior and very confusing to look at.

Version 2.00.0

Released: 03-Oct-2010

  • Added a 5th method to bring up the soft keyboard. Given the comments in the market place, it appears that the current 4 methods are still eluding many of our fellows. Unfortunately, this one comes at a cost of valuable real-estate. There is now a "Show Keyboard" bar at the bottom of the screen that will bring up the soft-keyboard (provided that the hard keyboard isn't already out, if available) when pressed. Hopefully this will satisfy many and irritate only a few.
  • Corrected a problem with the display when the first word of a puzzle was very long.
  • Corrected a problem discovered with one of the puzzles.
  • When duplicate letters are entered in the puzzle, the letters are italicized. However, when the screen orientation changes, this italicization disappeared until the next letter was entered. This has been corrected.
  • Added some basic graphic changes just to try and get away from the very "flat" feel that it had.
  • Modified the layout (internally) of the cryptogram screen to make the game a little more flexible in its display so that it will adjust better to various screen sizes.
  • Improved the help text and the means by which it is displayed.
  • Moved around some menu items on the cryptogram screen so that I could add a HELP menu button. The hope here is that all those people who don't seem to be able to get the soft-keyboard to come up will have an easier time of getting access to the help document that explains how to do it.

Version 1.19.0

Released: 17-Jul-2010

  • More Puzzles!!! It's about time, right? Well, we now have more than 900 puzzles for your enjoyment.
  • Internal maintenance setting the groundwork for some more internal reorganization.

Version 1.18.0

Released: 20-Jun-2010

  • Thanks to some great user feedback, a problem was identified when using some AZERTY soft keyboards on certain hardware. Pressing the A on this keyboard would yield a Q as though it was behaving as a QWERTY keyboard. I have made some modifications that seem to work with both keyboards - and hopefully any others that might be out there.

Version 1.17.0

Released: 16-Apr-2010 After playing with a Droid for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I finally realized what some of the comments regarding navigation were referring to. All of the phones/emulators that I have otherwise had access to have had either a d-pad or a trackball mounted front-and-center. The Droid required that you slide out the keyboard to use the d-pad. Without the d-pad or trackball, it can be really cumbersome to scroll around the game. So, without further ado....

  • Added arrow buttons to allow for easier movement when no physical d-pad or trackball is present. Actually, the arrows are always present but on the same line as the "Check Answers" button so they shouldn't take up any extra space.
  • Added buttons to the instructions page that make it easier to send me an email if you want/need to contact me.

Version 1.16.0

Released: 26-Mar-2010

  • Delete key will now behave in a more intuitive manner. Thanks for another great user suggestion - actually this was requested by more than one user, but I just figured out how to do it. The delete key on the keyboard (soft or otherwise) behaves more like a backspace key in most applications. Enigma has always had this key behave much like a standard delete key (given its name) - delete the character you are on and that's it. A couple of users have noted that it would be better if the key behaved a little more consistently (i.e. like a backspace). Now it does! Pressing the delete key will cause the current letter to be deleted and the selected letter will become the one previous. If you are at the beginning of the puzzle, the selected letter won't change. Note that the SPACE will still clear the current letter without moving the selection.

Version 1.15.0

Released: 19-Mar-2010

  • Soft Keyboard - Now Press Trackball/D-Pad Center buttons to show it. Thanks for another great user suggestion. This time it relates to the soft keyboard. Of course, you already know that you can bring up the soft keyboard by long-pressing any of the letters in the puzzle. However, a user suggested that it might be easier for some to be able to press the trackball/d-pad center buttons as well. So, now the soft keyboard can be brought up using this technique as well. This will have the same limitations as long-pressing the letter, i.e. the soft keyboard won't come up if you have a physical keyboard and it is open.

Version 1.14.0

Released: 08-Mar-2010

  • Added a "Save? Yes/No/Cancel" feature. Thanks for another great user suggestion. If you accidentally close the application, all the work on your puzzle is lost. This can be frustrating - I've done it myself (colorful language to follow). With this new modification, using the "Back" key to exit a game that's in progress (intentionally or not) will prompt you, asking if you'd like to save the game before exiting. You can choose: - Yes - Save the game and quit. - No - Don't save, just quit. - Cancel - Don't quit. Keep on playing.

Version 1.13.0

Released: 25-Feb-2010

  • Added more puzzles. Now there are over 800 puzzles to play.

Version 1.12.0

Released: 26-Dec-2009

  • Added an Instructions button to the main screen. Basic information on cryptograms and how to use the controls in the game can be found here.

Version 1.11.0

Released: 18-Dec-2009

  • Added a few more puzzles. Now there are over 700 puzzles to play.

Version 1.10.1

Released: 04-Dec-2009

  • When the backspace/delete or space key is pressed, the cursor will not move regardless of the preferences set.

Version 1.10.0

Released: 03-Dec-2009

  • Based on a user suggestion, I have modified Enigma to allow you to advance the cursor after entering a letter in one of three ways. After entering a letter... - Don't advance to the next letter. (Current/Default Behavior) - Advance to the next letter. * - Advance to the next empty letter.* * When at the end of the puzzle, it won't wrap to the beginning. This is all configurable using the preferences option.

Version 1.9.0

Released: 25-Nov-2009

  • Based on a user suggestion, I have modified Enigma to hide the "Source" text line. This will open up more space on the screen to display the puzzle. Given the size of the soft-keyboard, there is definitely a dearth of screen space when displayed. Now, you can still show the source if you like. In fact, you can show/hide it as you see fit. The hint "Show the Source" will cause the source to be displayed just as before. Now, once displayed, the hint changes to "Hide the Source" which will, as you might expect, hide it again. So now you have a little more control.

Version 1.8.0

Released: 18-Nov-2009

  • Based on a user suggestion, I have modified Enigma to show duplicate letters as italicized. So, if you enter the same letter for two different codes, Enigma will now show all occurrences of that entered letter italicized.

Version 1.7.0

Released: 09-November-2009

  • Implemented some run-time improvements in regards to saving the data that manages the list of puzzles not yet played. You may not notice these much but the more we implement, the more your battery will thank us.

Version 1.6.0

Released: 23-October-2009

  • Thanks to another great user suggestion, I have added another hint - "Unused Letters". This hint will show you a list of the letters that you have not yet used in the puzzle solution.
  • Also in response to several users requests, I have modified the program so that it keeps track of all of the puzzles that you've played. It won't repeat any of them until you have finished them all. Then it will start over again.
  • Implemented some run-time improvements with more to come in future updates. You may not notice these much (for example, the opening screen with the random letters now draws much faster) but the more of these we implement, the more your battery will thank us.

Version 1.5.0

Released: 14-Oct-2009

  • Added a few more puzzles. Now there are over 600 puzzles to play.
  • Added another color scheme to choose from - "Scarlet Letters". Use the preferences option to select from the different color schemes provided. Please feel free to contact me with other ideas for color schemes.

Version 1.4.0

Released: 01-Oct-2009

  • Added the capability to long-press a character in the cryptogram to bring up the soft keyboard as long as the physical keyboard is either hidden or not present on the device. This change was necessitated by a failure in the implementation of Android 1.5 on the Hero device. The Hero device does not recognize the long-press menu option provided by the OS to bring up the soft keyboard. Unfortunately, in order to implement this solution, it means that I will have to move the development target for Enigma to Android 1.5. The consequences of this is that whatever updates I may make to the application after that won't be available to any individuals still running Android 1.1 - at least not until their service providers catch them up. I have no way of knowing how many people that is, but it is troubling to me that some users, through no fault of their own, may not be able to take advantage of new updates.

Version 1.3.1

Released: 10-Sep-2009

  • Added a few more puzzles. Now there are over 500 puzzles to play.
  • From another great user suggestion, added a new hint where the game will display a letter frequency chart. So now you can see how many times the encoded letters appear in the puzzle and help you focus on which one is the letter "E"....
  • Moved all the hints into a single "Hints" menu item. So now when you select the hints menu item, the list will include the new Letter Frequency chart, the Show Source, and the Reveal Letters.
  • Corrected a drawing problem with the disabled "Resume Game" button on the 1.5 (Cupcake) release of Android.
  • A reviewer commented that the interface was a little gray. So I've added the ability to choose from different color schemes. There are two at this time - "Original" and "The Blues". I'm open to suggestions for more - remember "Hot Dog Stand" in Windows 3.1?

Version 1.2.0

Released: 27-Aug-2009

  • Added a few more puzzles. Now there are over 400 puzzles to play.
  • If the puzzle was filled in, correctly or not, and the clear puzzle was chosen, the "Check Answer" button was still enabled.
  • Added a small animation when you correctly solve a puzzle. Thought there should be a bigger payoff than a simple message saying that you solved it.
  • Adding a free trial version of the application with 10 puzzles. Tell your friends to take a look and "try before you buy". (Just don't forget the buy part... :) )

Version 1.1.0

Released: 07-Aug-2009

  • Added a few more puzzles. Now there are over 300 puzzles to play.
  • Because the puzzles are chosen randomly, it is possible to get the same puzzle that you've played before. Now changes have been made to ensure that you won't get the same puzzle as long as you don't quit the game.
  • Improved the calculations used to place the puzzle on the screen so that more of the puzzle will fit on the line.