Truly Random Release Notes

Version 4.5.0

Released: 22-Jul-2014

  • Updated the Decks of Cards feature so that you can now use the same formatting options you use with the custom die face when defining a card.
  • Updated the Ad APIs for ad supported versions.
  • Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Version 4.4.0

Released: 4-Jan-2014

  • Added a new Decks of Cards feature. You can define a deck of cards for use in your game. The deck can also be used as part of a Campaign.
  • Performance improvements regarding some of the internal database access. There were a couple of areas where the data could have been retrieved more efficiently.
  • Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Version 4.3.1

Released: 11-Aug-2013

This is a minor release that adds more tablets to the tablet style layout.

Version 4.3.0

Released: 27-May-2013

This release is focused on some usability issues. As powerful as it is, there are couple of awkward areas that should now be a little smoother.

  • Added some data entry aids for expression and face entry.

    - RPG+: When entering an expression (on a saved group) I have added galleries that represent the numbers from 0..9, all the functions and operators you can use, and the list of dice available to you.

    - Custom Dice: When entering an expression (for a face) I have added galleries that represent the numbers from 0..9, all the functions and operators you can use, and the list of dice available to you.

    - Custom Dice: When building the Face, I have added a gallery that has all the available formatting options so you can simply paste in what you need.

    All you have to do is select the item you want to insert and press the "paste" icon next to it and it will be inserted into the text entry field. This can make entering some of the expressions much easier and really help with the formatting since finding the < and > symbols can take a while on some keyboards.

  • Custom Dice Set: When adding or changing a die, you no longer have to long-press the die to bring up a context menu. Now there is a menu button (for the context menu) and an add button (to add a new face) on the die line. This should be a lot more intuitive.
  • Custom Dice Set: When you want to reorder the expressions for a die face, you no longer have to long-press the expression to bring up a context menu. I've added a menu button to accompany the edit and delete buttons to make this more obvious.
  • RPG+: When you want to reorder the equations for a group, you no longer have to long-press the equation to bring up a context menu. I've added a menu button to accompany the edit and delete buttons to make this more obvious.
  • Some of the RPG+ and Custom Dice Set activities did not include the top portion of the page within a scrollable region. If you were working on a smaller screen or in landscape mode, it could be difficult/impossible to get to the detail elements below. The elements on these screens are now inside a scrollable region so this should no longer be an issue.
  • Moved the Lottery feature down in the list to de-emphasize it. I'm considering removing it or making it optional, but for now allowing for easier access to the more popular features.
  • Removing a white flash when changing topics in the help system on Android 3.0+ devices.
  • Extended clickable area to toggle navigation list to include both the icon and name of the selected page in the action bar. Sometimes hitting the little icon was problematic.
  • Added links to allow you to get to the Truly Random YouTube from the Navigation menu.
  • Added links to allow you to get to the Truly Random Facebook page from the Navigation menu.
  • Added links to allow you to get to the Truly Random Website from the Navigation menu.
  • Some minor database performance improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Version 4.2.1

Released: 02-Apr-2013

A great idea couldn't be denied. So this is a quick release with just a few mods as noted below.

  • Immediately after the 4.2 release, I got a question about the making the throws of a die vary depending on a calculation. For example: 4d6 will throw the d6 4 times and sum the results. If we wanted to make that "4" a calculated value, we couldn't do it. Until now. I'm adding the "ThrowDx" function to mix. It'll work like this:


    replace the "x" with the die you want to use.

    ThrowD6(4) is equivalent to 4d6.

    Where this really comes in handy is when coupled with the variables and constants feature. Consider a Global Constant of "Level".

    ThrowD6(Level + 4)

    This would adjust the number of d6 you throw based on the character level. Change the "Level" constant and your calculations adjust automatically.

    The ThrowEx works the same way just with exploding dice.

    You can only use the dice that have been defined so far. For example you can have a ThrowD12, but not a ThrowD98.

  • Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Version 4.2.0

Released: 19-Mar-2013

  • At a customer's request, adding a D5/E5 die to the mix (a five sided die numbered 1-5).
  • Adding Global Constants that can be used in the RPG+ and Custom Dice Sets. Now you can define a global constant that keeps track of a character’s level, for example, and when your character levels up, just change it in one place and all the expressions you've defined for that character (initiative, damage, etc.) will automatically update.
  • Adding Local Variables that can be used within the custom dice sets. So within a custom dice set, you could define a number (zero or more) of variables that can also be expressions and which will evaluate prior to any of the expressions on the faces. These variables can then be used in the expressions you have defined on your faces.
  • Adding 6 new functions to allow conditionals in the expressions. The functions will be of the form:

    Ifxx(expression1, expression2, expression-True, expression-False)

    Ifeq – if (expression1 equals expression2) do expression-True else do expression-False
    Ifne – if (expression1 not equal expression2) do expression-True else do expression-False
    Ifgt – if (expression1 greater than expression2) do expression-True else do expression-False
    Ifge – if (expression1 greater than or equal expression2) do expression-True else do expression-False
    Iflt – if (expression1 less than expression2) do expression-True else do expression-False
    Ifle – if (expression1 less than or equal expression2) do expression-True else do expression-False

  • New Navigation! There is now a pull-out drawer (pull left-to-right or touch the icon in the upper left corner) to bring up the navigation menu. For large tablets, landscape will put you into a dual pane mode where the navigation menu is always listed. This is a lot less clumsy than the drop-down method.
  • Added an Action Bar to most of the screens in the app which now moves the menu to the action bar rather than the compatibility menu which shows across the bottom on newer devices.
  • Several screens have a new Add button on the action bar to facilitate saving or creating their dice equations.
  • Made a lot of changes to improve the display on tablet devices.
  • Corrected a bug with the "share" feature and RPG Plus activities. The throws weren't printing out properly and now should.
  • Long pressing the individual results will now let you copy them to the clipboard.
  • Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Version 4.1.0

Released: 09-Oct-2012

  • Landscape!!! Yes, the app will now rotate into the landscape orientation. Originally I was planning on revamping the UI to present a different experience in the landscape orientation, but that will have to wait until a future release. At least, those of you using a tablet will now have an easier time of it.
  • Fixed a layout issue with the Campaign screens. The Edit and Delete buttons should be a little easier to hit and look a little nicer (they were getting cut off before).
  • Correct a crash reported via the market.
  • Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Version 4.0.0

Released: 05-May-2012

Well, this release is a long time coming. I've torn apart the app twice now and finally settled on where I want to take it as we move forward. This release has a couple of very nice features, a lot of internal changes (an awful lot), and a great deal of user experience changes. I'm almost finished with the new features now and am currently working on the UX changes.

  • New Campaign feature.

    If you use this app for a while, you will no doubt start accumulating a number of saved dice/dice sets from the RPG, RPG+, and Custom Dice Sets. You are also likely to be involved in more than one game - perhaps a DM/GM in one and a couple of characters otherwise. The list of saved items which you need to wade through can start to become tedious and distract you from the actual game play.

    The new Campaign feature will allow you to collect the relevant saved items from the RPG, RPG+, and Custom Dice Sets together into a campaign. Once you've collected them together, select the campaign for the game you are currently playing and all your relevant saved items are at your finger tips.

  • Instead of the results replacing the the previous ones when you roll your selection, the results are now displayed as a list with the latest on top. Now you have a history of the dice rolls while you are running the app. This applies to all the features except for the RPG Character Generation, for which it really wouldn't make a lot of sense.
  • Spent a lot of time trying to reduce the items in the menu and bring them more prominently to the foreground. It isn't always intuitively obvious that you need to use the menu button or long press on an item to perform a task, especially when building the custom dice set. So hopefully, this will improve the experience somewhat. I might be able to pull more to the foreground in future releases.
  • Removed the tab interface. Now a drop down list will be used to select the page you are on. This has allowed for the addition of the campaign tab without squishing everything in. It also allows me to provide a little more explanation of the purpose of each tab.
  • The "Roll" button has moved from its current location on RPG, RPG+, Lottery, Custom Dice to the top of the screen next to the dropdown navigation list. This has freed up a lot of screen space to make room for the result lists.
  • Spent a lot of time addressing some inconsistencies in the user interface. So, hopefully, the ui will be a little more consistent and therefore easier to use as a result.
  • Unfortunately, these changes will require that we no longer support the few customers still on the 1.5 platform. I'll keep the last version on the market for those folks in case they need to reload it - technology marches on.

Version 3.6.0

Released: 03-Sep-2011

  • Added an optional Weight to the custom faces. If you have a face that is supposed to appear 40% of the time, and three others that are to appear 20% of the time, you would have had to repeat the first face twice to make that distribution work.

    Face 1 (40%)
    Face 1 (40%)
    Face 2 (20%)
    Face 3 (20%)
    Face 4 (20%)

    Now you just need to set the weight of the faces such that the distribution meets your requirements.

    Face 1 Weight = 2 (40%)
    Face 2 Weight = 1 (20%)
    Face 3 Weight = 1 (20%)
    Face 4 Weight = 1 (20%)

    This is less prone to error and a lot easier to manage than repeating faces to simulate the statistical distribution you need.

  • Added a Preview on the Custom Dice Set Face edit activity. This should help you see the formatting options in action before saving the face.
  • Added an option to share the results of a Custom Dice Set Roll via email or other means set up on your device.
  • Corrected an issue where the formatting disappears if the app loses focus.
  • Corrected an issue with the gallery displays on some devices.

Version 3.5.0

Released: 20-Aug-2011

  • Custom Dice: HTML-ish formatting options. Added the ability to apply some very basic formatting to the Custom Dice Face. These options include

    Line Break

    This will make your XML import files a little more complicated if you choose to use the formatting options, but they could really make your results stand out.

  • When saving titles and descriptions for Custom Dice Sets and RPG Plus Groups, all the internal white-space will be removed. You won't be able to embed line feeds or multiple spaces or tabs in these text items. This was done to support the new formatting options as well as make the saved fields more consistent with those when imported.
  • Made some modifications to the XML parser. The parser does not currently trim internal white space from the strings that it loads from the XML files. So, embedded tabs, new lines and extraneous spaces are included in the imported text. This means that text lines need to be written on a single line or they will display very strangely when run in the app.

    As a result of this change, your XML files can take advantage of formatting and indenting (for easier reading) without causing issues when they are imported.

    		<title>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, 
    			consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus 
    			tempor semper libero ut dapibus. </title>

    Will import the same as:

    <title>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus tempor semper libero ut  dapibus. </title>
  • Minor reorganization of the application help topics to better call out the formula syntax and the supported dice (including exploding dice).

Version 3.4.0

Released: 07-Aug-2011

  • Exploding! Dice: Dice with the notation e# (e6, e8, etc.) represent an exploding version of the d# counter-part. An exploding die is one where rolling the maximum value of the die allows the die to be rolled again, summing the values. This continues until the roll is less than the maximum value of the die.

    For example:

    1e6 - Roll 1 = 6 (dice explodes allowing additional rolls), Roll 2 = 3, the result is 9 (6 + 3)
    1e6 - Roll 1 = 6, Roll 2 = 6, Roll 3 = 2: result = 14
    1e6 - Roll 1 = 5: result =5

  • Functions! I've rewritten the parser to allow for the use of functions in the expressions created for the RPG+ and Custom Dice sets.

    - min(<expression1>, <expression2>): return the minimum of the two expressions.
    - max(<expression1>, <expression2>): return the maximum of the two expressions.
    - div(<expression1>, <expression2>): divide expression 1 by expression 2 and return the value rounded up at one-half.
    - floor(<expression1>, <expression2>): divide expression 1 by expression 2 and return the largest integer not greater than the result.
    - ceil(<expression1>, <expression2>): divide expression 1 by expression 2 and return the largest integer not less than the result.

  • As a result of adding function capability, we will no longer support the letter "x" as a multiplication operator. The multiplication operator must now exclusively be the asterisk ("*"). Upon update to the new release, these will be modified on your behalf. However, you may have to update any import files you use.
  • Minor improvements to the import error messages for the Custom Dice Sets

Version 3.3.0

Released: 22-May-2011

  • RPG Plus: Export to the SD Card.
  • RPG Plus: Import from the SD Card.
  • Custom Dice: Include dice expressions in the die face
  • Custom Dice: Assign title to each die
  • Custom Dice: Export to the SD Card.
  • Custom Dice: Import from the SD Card.
  • Custom Dice: Added a Copy feature.
  • Custom Dice: When returning from an "Add" operation, the newly added item will be selected in the list.
  • Custom Dice: Improved some "behind-the-scenes" database handling.
  • Lottery: Updated the Lottery Edit to use the gallery controls (just like the RPG tab) for defining the picks, ranges, bonus numbers and digits. It was cumbersome to press the + key 56 times to define the range for a lottery like Mega Millions. Now you can swipe the gallery and move quickly through the range.
  • Lottery: Select the newly added item when returning from a successful Add operation.
  • Lottery: Added a Copy feature.
  • Help: Updated the Help Contents and the displays to show a hierarchical list of help topics. As the app is getting more complicated, the help features needed to be improved to support it.
  • Many minor corrections.

Version 3.2.0

Released: 30-Mar-2011

The big news in this release is the reworking of the RPG+ screen.

  • Instead of storing a single equation, you will be able to group a number of equations together. When they are rolled, all the equations in that group are rolled. If you have a complicated weapon now it is easy to roll all the attacks and assess the potential damage in one shot.

    Previous saved equations will be converted to the new format when you upgrade.

  • By popular demand, the d10 will now represent the range 1-10.

    Previously, it represented the range 0-9. (I know... I know... I know... but I've only ever really used them for percentage throws.... Oh well....) A new die representing the 0-9 range has been added and will be called d09. Any saved equations or rolls from the RPG screen or RPG+ screen will automatically convert any die references from d10 to d09 in order to preserve your original setups.

  • Added a "What's New" screen.
  • A lot of internal work went into this release including a few bug fixes.

Version 3.1.0

Released: 16-Jan-2011

  • Updated the user interface on the RPG tab. Using the Gallery control to select the Number of Dice, Modifiers, and the Die to roll.

    This frees up some space on the screen and makes it easier to select values especially when they are far apart.

  • Updated the user interface on the RPG Char tab. This is really just a graphical change, it works the same as before, but now more closely resembles dice.

Version 3.0.0

Released: 23-Apr-2010

  • Adding a new feature: Custom Dice Sets

    Create as many dice sets as you want. Each dice set can have any number of dice and each die can have any number of faces. Each face contains the text that you enter.

    Invent your own games!

  • Updated the help information to account for the new Custom Dice Sets feature and added an "Email the Developer" button to make it easier to contact me with questions or concerns.

Version 2.1.0

Released: 14-Dec-2009

  • Corrected an issue with the RPG Char screen. Once the numbers are generated, if the user were to open the keyboard or change the orientation, subsequently selecting a few numbers and pressing the roll selected button would cause all non-selected numbers to go to zero.
  • Corrected an issue with the Lottery Edit screen - where you set up the type of lottery ticket to be generated. If you choose Add and then change the screen orientation, the edit screen would force close. The program would recover and continue just fine, but still shouldn't happen. So now that's fixed.
  • Changed the menus so that Add/Update/Delete menus didn't appear on the RPG Char screen as they do not apply there. Although they were disabled, their presence wasn't necessary and might lead to confusion giving the impression that some aspect of that screen could be saved.
  • Made some small changes to help the application look better with various screen sizes.
    1. RPG Char screen - The field of generated numbers is now in a scroll view so on smaller screens you can scroll through the list.
    2. Lottery Edit screen - The field of controls that lets you define the type of lottery ticket you want to generate is now properly placed in a scroll view so smaller screens can scroll through easier. Also, the alternative side-by-side view for the landscape orientation has been scrapped. It looked horrible on small screens and some of the buttons were partially hidden.

Version 2.0.0

Released: 25-Sep-2009

  • Based on a user request, I am adding the ability to do multiplication and other actions with the dice.

    In fact, I'm adding a new tab page (RPG+ with cool skull graphic) which will allow you to enter dice equations using RPG Dice Notation, or at least a subset of it.

    Basically, you will be able to enter equations such as (4d6 +3)*6, which will evaluate as follows:

    1. 4 d6 dice rolls are summed
    2. 3 is added to the result
    3. the quantity is then multiplied by 6

    See the main game page for more discussions on the capabilities and limitations, and then enjoy.

  • Cleaning up the UI a bit. Trying to make some minor changes (probably not noticeable) to allow the application to be viewed on screens of varying dimensions.

Version 1.1.0

Released: 17-Sep-2009

  • Corrected a drawing problem with the help text when this is displayed on Android 1.5.
  • Removed the "Check For Updates" feature. Since the Google Market has gotten better about showing which applications have updates available, this is no longer necessary.
  • Removing the Check For Updates feature has also allowed me to remove the Internet Permissions, since the application no longer needs to have access to the internet.