Easy Roller Dice Co. - A Review

Submitted by ewcarman on Sat, 08/20/2016 - 16:16

I know that the Truly Random app is an amazingly powerful dice roller for Android, but sometimes you just need to feel the dice in your hands. I understand that. As nice as it is to keep the game play moving with the powerful features that Truly Random offers, there is still a certain satisfaction to closing your eyes, caressing the dice, throwing them, anticipating the all too familiar sound as they careen across the table, and praying for that save. So, when the Easy Roller Dice Co. contacted me and asked if I would review some of their products, I had no choice but to accept. I mean, seriously, no choice. I was compelled – if you’ve read this far, you understand. So, first order of business – full disclosure: I was provided these products free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Check out Easy Roller Dice Co. for their full product selection.

Products – First Impressions

I asked for, and was provided the following items:

The items arrived a day earlier than I expected and were packed very well with lots of padding. Everything arrived in great condition. Unboxing

Felt bag – Indigo Swirl Dice - 7 Piece Set with Bag

The felt bag is very attractive and lined with a satin material. Your dice are well protected and looking good.

Display Box – Legendary Copper Metal Dice Set

The display box is very attractive and covered in a leather(ish?) material. It comes with a foam insert with cutouts for the dice. You will be the envy of the game.

Wyvern Reversible Microfiber Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

This is much larger than I anticipated. It will hold a lot of dice. It is also very attractive.

Now What?

As I stared at these new treasures, a thought came to me. How do you review these things? I mean, dice roll. Do they roll? Yes. Review done!!! Well, maybe not. So I thought I’d try a few things and looking around my office, a number of ideas came to me.


Yep, I’ve got a really nice set of calipers that I use to measure… stuff. I decided I would measure the various dice to see how close the tolerances were. After all, a proper die needs to be uniform across all faces if it is to provide a truly random result set (See what I did there? Shameless plug.) Turns out it is a little harder to get a good measurement on some of these dice than I had hoped. So, these results are based mostly on the D6.

Indigo Swirl Dice - 7 Piece Set with Bag

The tolerances on these dice were very close. 15.50 – 15.51 mm.

Legendary Copper Metal Dice Set

Measurements The D6 in this set was a little surprising in the range of sizes encountered.

  • 16.35 mm
  • 15.97 mm
  • 16.04 mm

My eyes don’t notice the difference and it is only 0.38 mm at its worse, but I must admit to being a little surprised. Some spot checks on the other dice in this set don’t show too much variation. For example, the D12 measured in this range: 17.88 mm – 17.96 mm.

Magnifying Glass

I’ve got a standing magnifying glass on my desk. So time for a close inspection of the surfaces of the dice to get an idea of how well they put together.

Surface Observations

The surfaces of both sets of dice are smooth with no defects that I observed.


The numbers are set deep into the dice face and the colors are nicely painted without the color spilling out onto the face.

6 and 9 indicators

Where the 6 and 9 are both present on these dice, they each have a small dot to indicate which is which.


You never know when you will be summoned to the deepest oceans or lakes and need to roll for initiative. Always be prepared. Actually, with all the handling the dice get, they will get wet and greasy. So, let’s dunk them in some water and see how they hold up?

Results - Water

The dice held up just fine and the paint didn’t run. But wait! There’s more! While waiting on the water test, I thought, “what about my favorite carbonated beverage?” There’s always someone who will spill their favorite carbonated beverage while playing and get it all over you and your precious dice. So let’s try that. In hindsight, I should have done this first and then the water test could have doubled as a bath for the dice. Live and learn.

Results – Carbonated Beverage

Just like the water, the dice held up just fine and the paint from the numbers didn’t run. Liquid


Oh yeah! Dice were meant to roll! I rolled each die to determine, in a most scientific manner, if they did produce an even distribution – i.e. were skewed or weighted. This is real science here – don’t try this at home…. Well, OK, go ahead and try it at home. That’s kind of the point of dice. All of these dice rolled well and I didn’t notice any particular bias with rolling. A couple of observations are worthy of noting. The copper dice are heavy and several have some very pointy vertices. You don’t want to step on these and you might just want to purchase a dice cup if you are going to use them for an extended period of time. Also, due to their weight, I noticed that rolling them on a slippery surface (wood table top) they would more slide than roll once they hit the surface. You may also want to use a tray in which to roll them to get a really good roll. You really want your dice to tumble so you get a really good random outcome. The indigo blue dice rolled fine without any issue. They feel good in your hand and the numbers are very readable. I decided to do some extended rolls with the D6 in both sets, especially given the measurements I noted above in the caliper test. This is not scientific by any means and the sample size is not large enough to draw any definitive conclusions. Without further ado, the D6 roll off. Sample Size: Indigo Blue: 306 rolls - Copper: 204 rolls for each die. (I got tired.) Charts The more I rolled, the more the distribution evened out, which is what you would expect with a good set of dice.

Dice Bag – Wyvern Reversible Microfiber Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

This is a very nice bag. I’m not going to dunk it, however. It is very well made and looks amazing. It is billed as a self-standing dice bag and it truly is. It is stiff enough that the sides have no problem staying upright and keeping open. It is also big enough to hold my new dice, my old dice, my friends dice…. OK, it’s pretty big, but I won’t get carried away. It’s reversible and has a wyvern image on both the outside and inside. The black side has a red wyvern and the red side has a black wyvern. When I ordered this, I wasn’t sure how the wyvern image would be done. I think I would have preferred it to be embroidered, but this looks really good. In the image, I am showing it next to the chain maille dice bag I made a while back. (Supposed to be a flame. Fire and Dice!) The chain maille bag holds about 60 or so dice without too much trouble. So you can see in comparison how big this bag is. BagBlack BagRed


All the products I looked at were very nice. I would not be disappointed purchasing any one of these and in fact would be happy to show them off. I would like to reiterate that I would really recommend a dice cup and dice tray for the metal dice. Your hands will thank you and your dice will tumble nicely. Oh, and did I mention – “Wyvern”!!!! Check out the Easy Roller Dice Co. and see what you think.