Enigma Update and Prom Dresses

Submitted by ewcarman on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 14:46

I suspect that got your attention. What does the latest update of Enigma have to do with Prom Dresses?

Actually, inspiration often comes from the strangest circumstances. I was accompanying my wife and daughter a couple of weeks ago in the (seemingly) never-ending search for the perfect Prom Dress. While at what thankfully turned out to be the final store, I was doing what all dads and husbands do in that situation - hanging out around the dressing room waiting for the crucial moment when I have to give an opinion on the dress. Which also means talking to another guy who was doing the same thing - although he was waiting for his wife.

He had just gotten a brand new Droid phone that day and it was his first Android phone. It was also the first time I had seen a Droid phone up close (very nice by-the-way). I loaded a copy of the Enigma Trial edition on his phone and then attempted to play it - to show him what it did. Turns out the Droid (or at least the one he had) doesn't have a d-pad or trackball on the surface. You have to slide out the keyboard to get to it. I didn't know that.... This began to explain some of the comments that I was seeing people make on the app. (Another reason for emailing me when you have questions or concerns!) Navigating around the puzzle was very frustrating without my trusty trackball. I was almost ready to leave the developer a nasty comment with bad rating!

Thankfully, I came to my senses and realized two things.

  1. I need to accommodate this situation a little better or I am apt to be leaving myself nasty comments.
  2. Leaving a nasty comment on the market place is not really helpful, but communicating my concerns to the developer directly would be a better way to resolve the issue. (end public service announcement)

Well, today I've released the latest update to Enigma that includes on-screen buttons to help you navigate. All the old methods still work, but now if you prefer to use your Droid without the keyboard - your are able to do so, with a lot less frustration. Also, the buttons are arranged on the same line as the "Check Answer" button, so no additional space is taken up.

Finally, for those curious readers that have gotten this far - she chose a very nice hunter green dress. She's going to break some hearts....

Grab the update and enjoy!